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Medichecks Blood Test
NameHealth and Lifestyle Blood Test
DescriptionCheck your liver and kidney function, heart health, and key nutrients.
InstructionsTake this test when any symptoms of short-term illness have settled. Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours beforehand. Avoid fatty foods for eight hours before your test, you do not need to fast. Stay well hydrated before your test. You should take this test before you take any medication or vitamin/mineral supplements. Do not take biotin supplements for two days before this test, discuss this with your doctor if it is prescribed. Do not take vitamin B12 for two weeks prior to this test. If your B12 is prescribed ask your doctor whether to stop.
BiomarkersAlbumin Globulin Total Protein ALP ALT Bilirubin GGT HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol Non-HDL Cholesterol Total Cholesterol Total Cholesterol: HDL Triglycerides Creatinine eGFR CRP HS Ferritin Vitamin B12 Active Vitamin D
Activation TypeAUTOMATIC
Turnaround Time2 days